Thank You For The Memories.

Strip NYC has always been about delivering the best hair removal services and delightful customer experience. We welcomed our first customer into our SOHO store in July 2010, and we are proud that we have operated in New York City for close to 10 years.

With a heavy heart, we had to make the hard decision to close our store today. The unprecedented global crisis from the COVID-19 pandemic has ultimately made it impossible for us to continue operations. We understand that this may come as a surprise, and many of our loyal customers will be worried about their pre-paid packages. Still, we have every intention to be fair and will be arranging for package refunds.

To our dear loyal customers, first of all, a big thank you for your support, we wouldn’t have made it to 10 years without you. And we thank our dedicated employees who have been on this beautiful journey with us. We hope that this is not the end and that we’ll get to meet someday again.

Yours lovingly,
Jerry De Souza
General Manager of Strip NYC.


1. How will customers be informed?

All package holders will be informed via SMS on 8 June 2020, and an SMS reminder will be sent out 2 weeks after. Please keep a lookout on Instagram account @StripNYC as we’ll be providing updates there. For enquires, please email us at

2. How are the refunds calculated?

We will deduct the ala carte price of the consumed services from the total paid value of the package to derive at the refund value.

For example, if you have paid $1200 for a 6-session Soprano Laser Brazilian package and have consumed 2 sessions of the service, we’ll be deducting $800 (base on the ala carte price of $400 per session) from the total paid value of $1200, refunding you a balance of $400.

3. Why are the services deducted at full ala carte price instead of the discounted price from the package balance?

All discount and free credits are removed from the package balance value as the package has not been fully utilized. Despite our non-refund package policy, we are providing package refunds to the best of our ability, so we seek your understanding that the discount and free credits are given based on the full consumption of the packages only.

4. When can I expect to receive my refund and what's the process?

Upon the submission of the refund form, a customer care representative will be in touch within 10 working days to verify your package balance value. Upon confirmation, we’ll request for your banking details to process a wire transfer to your banking account. You’ll be informed once the wire transfer order is submitted, and this process may take up to 5-6 weeks.

5. What details are required to enable the refund?

You’ll need to submit full details as requested on the refund form as well as your banking details upon request. The entire process will be via email.

6. Will I be able to transfer my package to another country?

Yes, we will be able to transfer your remaining package to another city where Strip is located. As Strip NYC is a franchise store, please note that there will be a service fee of USD40 to cover the administrate charges for the transfer process. Please indicate in the refund form if you prefer to transfer your package.

7. What happens if I do not submit a refund request by 30 June 2020?

Unfortunately, we’ll be winding all business operations by 30 June 2020. As such, no request will be processed after 30 June 2020.